About us

Attract, retain, and delight more ticket buyers.

Event ticketing hub that works on the deep principles of affiliate marketing.
You can only browse or join our network through our business affiliates.

Efficient payment

Manage and track your sales/commissions real time and transfer your funds to your verified bank account anywhere in the world instantly.

Sell out quickly

Utilise our promoter network with thousands of people actively promoting and selling your events.

Sharing tools

The key to sell faster is to share your events with potential customers across multiple channels. Our technology allows you to share seamlessly (Social, Websites, Blogs etc).

Track your performance

Effective real time reporting allowing you to track your sales or commissions; and monitor visitors to your dedicated url with great insights.

Validation / Check In

Download the Titkn App (IOS and Android) on your mobile device to allow faster checkin. We also have PDA Scanner App and Online checkin options.

Security factor

We take security very important as we employ the best and latest security techniques to protect customer data, payment data and communication on our platform.

How Our Pricing Works

Ticket Price

You set your prices for the tickets you want to sell.


We add our commission (processing) fees on top.

FREE Validation

Use our IOS and Android App checkin tools for free.

FREE Support

We provide adequate support to help you with your event.

Why choose us?

Mobile Technology

Using integrated mobile technology and cloud computing to produce a complete platform to bridge the ticketing service.

Innovative Technology

We innovate continually using various techniques: targeting and retargeting, shopping and conversion, customer engagement, and reporting.

Disruptive Technology

Disrupting the ticket sector through our open API integration, customers will be able to purchase relevant tickets through third-party websites.

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