Sell tickets for your own events
Make money by promoting others events
Ticket sales transfered to your bank account
Manage and track your sales/commissions real time

Selling Tickets on Cokobar in 3 EASY STEPS

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2. Become Organiser

Log in to your cokobar account and click "Become Organiser".

3. Start Selling

Congratulations. You can now start selling tickets for your own events OR promote others events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become an event Organiser or promoter? Please register and look for the "Become Organiser" button at the top of the user admin page, click on it and follow the instructions to become an Organiser. You can then create and sell your events or promote 3rd party events and make a commission from every sale.
  • As an Organiser, how do I get customers to buy my tickets? When you created your Organiser profile, you would have created your unique URL in this format - Share this URL with your network via your social media and any customer that visits our site through your link automatically becomes your customer and you earn a commission from every purchase they make on your profile.
  • How do I get promoters to market my event? You can offer promoters a commission in your Organiser user admin settings when creating your event. Once you have offered a commission, all promoters will be notified of the new deal and they can start promoting your event in their profile, that is, if they think your offer or event is juicy enough.
  • When and how will I get paid? Your commission or ticket sales revenue gets paid to your Organiser wallet between 3 to 7 days after an event has occurred. You setup your bank account in your user profile and withdraw the funds to your verified bank account anywhere in the world. YES WE SAID ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

Don't Forget...

Take a min to personalize your Organiser page and make sure to share your URL
You can promote events anywhere in the world. You instantly become a Co-Promoter and receive whatever commission is set.
Set specific commission or generic commission so all promoters receives the commision made from their ticket sales.

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